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6 ways you could grab the attention through SMS for your business

Indians are using SMS as an extension of their lives more and more every year, an average Indian sends 29 SMS per month. It’s not just about keeping in touch with friends and family but also to check bank balances, mobile bills, and status of train/flight to name a few.

India Inc has discovered the potential of SMS as a means of getting in touch with their customers. This is evident from the fact that every second urban Indian acknowledged receiving marketing/promotional SMS on their phone in the quarter ending May. While 11% also indicated they made a purchase on the basis of information received via SMS. SMS, an advertising medium, has an interaction rate of around 5%.

Here are some ways you could grab the attention through SMS for your business/enterprise

Mobile Coupons: Research shows that customers love coupons any kind of service and since text messages are a fast, efficient method of communication, you can send discounts or offers on your services. A good mobile coupon will include some brief info about the discount, a redemption deadline, and a coupon code.

Contests to Win: Fun incentivized campaigns are one of the fastest ways to build your marketing list. You could design a contest and offer cash or kind prizes for your business.

Showing an interest: Some businesses offer personalized greetings on special days like birthdays/anniversaries with offers on availing services on that day.  You can build customer loyalty and creating a birthday rewards system just by automating a single SMS message!

Green status: Suffering from the changing weather, the world has woken  up to sustainability principles. Your business can make a difference by using SMS for marketing! Though most online marketing strategies are naturally green, it is incredibly important to reiterate.

SMS auctions: This is quite similar to an online auction. You could describe the item or service to be auctioned and ask the customers to send them a unique bid to win!

SMS voting and polling: we’ve all seen these before. Some examples that immediately spring to mind are the Indian Idol and Comedy Circus, where viewers are given the opportunity to vote via SMS. How about you use such an opportunity to get people vote for the best product or rate your service which is a great way of getting people to participate and engage with your brand or business.

Not only do these ideas provide you with lots of new contacts to communicate with but it also generates an instant lead with little effort required from you or your customer. Sound interesting? Visit Solutions Infini to try some of these ideas for your business.


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