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How to Get More Customers through Internet SMS

If you own a mobile phone with an active connection, then you can’t be unaware of the SMS marketing. Companies from all fields of economy are using this tool to publicise and promote their products, services and special offers. SMS marketing has emerged as a great way to create a strong relationship with existing customers and create new customers. Companies are improving their customer care service with through internet SMS.


It allows the companies to cut cost on their communication. Companies can send various messages containing information about their rates, latest offers, any public service announcement, holiday greetings etc. This makes the customers feel like the company values them and their time. Since free SMS can be sent from internet to multiple recipients in one go, this tool ensures that every customer gets the same and accurate message as soon as possible.


I know what you are thinking! You are wondering that all these features are only suitable for the existing customer base. They only tell how internet SMS can improve company’s relationship present customers. But this is not all! Internet SMS can create opportunities for you to get more clients. This is the most cost efficient way to reach one’s target customers.


Internet SMS are absolutely free. This means that you can send SMS carrying information about your business to a wide range of people. You can procure a list of mobile phone users in the demographic range that suits your company’s profile; for example, if you own a company that sell PC video games, then your target customers will be between the age of 12 and 25 years. You can get numbers of such customers and send internet SMS to them about the products sold by you. You can also send periodical promotional offers to those numbers. This way, your target customers will become aware of your brand name and might become your customer.


SMS marketing is also known as bulk SMS marketing, since we send SMS in bulk under this strategy. There are a number of internet SMS providers which offer this service completely free of cost. Even though, some providers might charge you a minimal amount to send large amount of SMS, but they will still cost you much less than any other telecom provider. This is because internet SMS providers use IP gateways to send SMS which is a much cost effective system than the one used by telecom providers.


There are a number of websites like Way2SMS and which provide free SMS service. To choose a provider that suits your requirement perfectly, visit their website to get complete details of their service.


But while holding an internet SMS campaign to promote your business, there are few things that any entrepreneur must keep in mind:

  1. Be Brief: Since you only get around 160 characters to write you message, make sure that the SMS is brief and contains all the required information.


  1. Use Comprehensive Language: Even though SMS language has become extremely popular worldwide, but still not all the people are aware of it. Not every mobile phone user knows that “4” is “for” and “d” is “the” in SMS lingo. So, try to limit the use of SMS lingo as much as possible; otherwise, it might create a lot of confusion for the recipients.


  1. Don’t Overdo It: This is the most important thing to remember while conducting an SMS marketing campaign. Don’t send too many free SMS or it will just annoy the receiver. One or two messages a day is fine, but don’t make the mistake of bombarding people’s mobile phone with useless messages.


  1. Don’t Be Repetitive: Most mobile users make it a point to at least have a browse through each message they receive. So, don’t go on sending the same message over and over again or the recipient will stop opening your message altogether, thinking that you never have anything new to say.


  1. Give it sometime: Once you start a campaign, you must give it some time to show results. No marketing campaign gives instant result and bulk SMS marketing is no exception. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get any response for some initial days.



Free SMS marketing does have some limitations like it doesn’t provide much space for you to give all the information. But this is what has made SMS so popular. Today, people love everything short and fast whether it’s their food, sports or communication. So, get on the bandwagon of internet SMS and see your customer base grow.

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  • Rajinder
    5:57 on March 28th, 2012

    Sending sms from internet is the best & easiest way to communicate.Above all sending bulk sms is the best way to keep in touch with all

  • rajesh kumar gupta
    20:11 on March 28th, 2012

    mujhe groop sms ki jankari cahiye jisse bulk sms bhej saku

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