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Advantage of using Bulk SMS Services with MySmsIndia

“Business is a combination of war and sports by Andre Maurois”. Yes. It is true day by day we are running for business and living for business.  For our business development we need to interact with customers, so we cannot go to everyone’s home to develop/improve the business (This may be applicable for small business that may do selling the vegetables, daily consumables, etc.). But we can build business via Messaging Platform nothing but Bulk SMS Services. In this digital & Internet era, the people are using the mobile phone for anything & everything including communication, chatting(What’s App), buying the things online, etc… whereas everyone relay on Mobile Phone. According to the statistics, each person is seeing the mobile phone for every 5 minutes. So this is the best way to approach the customers very easily, cheapest media where largest volume of people can be reached.

One more thing   where ever you go what you will expect more? Guess! Guess!!

The Home Food, Regional Language friends. I think it is right, yeah guys obviously find our place people. If we are going to other country means we will find mother nation people, if we are going to other state means we will find our state people, it’s nothing but just only for comfortableness. i.e) In 2012, I attended one interview there in 2nd round that HR asked me to “Impress me” to check my presence of mind then suddenly I said I know your Mother Tongue Language you can talk to me now in your Mother Tongue Language then he really impressed. Why I am telling this means to get impression on customer we can sent our Business SMS to our customer in their regional languages it’s nothing but Unicode Promotional Bulk SMS then they may come forward to get into your business or show much interest on your business.

Not only the Unicode Messaging, we do provide lot may more features like CSV File Upload, TXT File Upload, XLS File Upload, XLSX File Upload, Scheduling the Message, Multi Scheduling, HTTP API, XML API, Delivery Report, Invalid Number Report, DND Report, MIS Report, Daily Consumption, Low Credit Alert, Excel Plugin, Grouping, Unlimited Number Adding in the Group, Personalized Messaging, Dynamic Messaging and many many more features  with mysmsindia  Bulk SMS Services being the Bulk SMS Service Provider Company.  We do provide Promotional & Transactional Bulk SMS Services in English or your regional language.


Do you want to promote your business(Promotional Bulk SMS) or communicate to your customer regarding alerts, information, communication, transaction details, coupon code, voucher, Pay Back, Reward Point, etc…(Transactional Bulk SMS).

To know more kindly refer this URL   :-  www.

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