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Advantage of having Transactional Bulk SMS Services

Advantage of having Transactional Bulk SMS Services using Messaging Platform

The success combination of business is “Keeps your customer happy by your service”. Now the question arises here how you can keep your customer happy along with your service?

Here is the story: A girl went for shopping in her favorite shop and has done lots off shopping whereas there was the old leaflet which was saying that message that we have flat discount in past days. She saw that message and surprised that I am one of your existing customer or valuable customer of this shop and they even didn’t tell me about this discount and felt very bad so she simply came out from the shop without purchase any thing and her mind is also upset for this and unknowingly she stop to go that shop again.

So what is the result??? The shop loses their customer and also the girl told to some of her friend and colleague that what things happened with her so it’s not give good impact to the customer.

So now my point is come, if shop owner is using transactional bulk sms or if he knows about this bulk sms services, he can send it to his customer about the latest collection and offer so his customer is happy as well as business is also keep increases.

Next question is what is transaction bulk sms? Transactional bulk sms are also sms services where you can send it to all your existing customer like bank using this service to tell their customer that your balance is detected or credited by so and so. And some time it will give very positive effect to your customer that they think how much they care about their customer to update about all the things.

We do provide Transactional Bulk SMS Services thru which you can send any kind of communication like Alerts, Transaction Details, Information, Passing the emergency communication, etc…


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