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Send Unicode SMS messages in local language

Bulk SMS enables you to send SMS messages in the language of your choice. Now promote your business through Unicode SMS Service in local language like Hindi, English, Urdu, Telugu, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Tamil and more. Unicode feature is used to send SMS in different local language, here especially in India it is little difficult to communicate in all parts of India. Majority of Indian population can read and write in Hindi. Agriculture Association of India has come up with many schemes to educate farmers by send essential tips through SMS. Farmers are getting benefits by these tips. Few farmer associations from different regions took initiative to send market price to farmers which has helped farmers to fair price deal in their trade.


We can find plenty of reason to use Unicode features ie: Sending Greetings, Festival wishes, appointments and many more. We found this Unicode Bulk SMS Services very easy to use. Panel has auto converter text where we can just copy Hindi Speech in English text. Text converter change English text into Hindi format in few second. We found this system very interesting way to change English text to any language we need. No need to google for text converter or download free text converter.


Today in this 3G & 4G world, we don’t face any problem to receive and read multi language text. Few issues we should worried is about character count in English text 160 characters is counted as single SMS. In Unicode character count slightly differs compared to English count. Unicode counts 40 characters as single SMS after converting original text in regional language. Better we purchase extra SMS when compared to English SMS.

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