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How Advertising Agencies Can Benefit From Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS or text marketing has applications in just about every industry. It gives you an efficient way to reach your clients, customers and prospects. People are more likely to read text messages than almost any other type of communication or advertisement, making SMS a powerful way to get a good ROI on campaigns.

If you have an advertising agency, there are many ways that you can use SMS to get more clients and to reach out to your existing ones. On the one hand, you can use Bulk SMS to reach out to new clients and keep in touch with your existing clients. You can also set up Bulk SMS campaigns on behalf of your clients, to help them connect with their own customers.

Use SMS to Stay Connected to Your Clients

If you have an advertising or marketing agency, you know how competitive your industry is. It’s essential for you to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to communication, technology and creativity. There are several distinct advantages to reaching out to your audience via text message.
Text messages help you acquire loyal customers and repeat business. You can use features such as QR codes to acquire the mobile phone numbers of new potential clients. A bulk text message also gives you the ability to reach out to your client base whenever you want. You can offer them special promotions and announce new services.

Another benefit of bulk SMS is that it can be integrated with email marketing. If you use tools such as, Constant Contact or, you can connect these to your SMS campaigns. When you send out your email newsletter, for example, you can remind your subscribers using a text message. Because people carry their mobile phones around everywhere and almost always read text messages, you can ensure that you stay in your clients’ minds.

You can use texting not only to stay in touch with your clients but also to help them run their own profitable SMS campaigns. This can be done on behalf of any type of business and incorporates a variety of features.

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