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Bulk sms Empowering Colleges And Universities- Ways And Ideas

  Numerous academies filled with millions of students are making this world a better place with education. Day-by-day the growth of educational academies is leading in an exponential increment in the employment opportunities. According to a recent report, in the year 2006, only 1 person out of 100 would have had a college ...

Advantage of having Transactional Bulk SMS Services

Advantage of having Transactional Bulk SMS Services using Messaging Platform The success combination of business is “Keeps your customer happy by your service”. Now the question arises here how you can keep your customer happy along with your service? Here is the story: A girl went for shopping in her favorite ...

Advantage of using Bulk SMS Services with MySmsIndia

“Business is a combination of war and sports by Andre Maurois”. Yes. It is true day by day we are running for business and living for business.  For our business development we need to interact with customers, so we cannot go to everyone’s home to develop/improve the business (This may be applicable for small business that may do ...