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Can we use Bulk SMS Services with Unicode (Regional /Local Languages) Features?

Unicode feature is used to send SMS in different local language, here especially in India it is little difficult to communicate in all parts of India. Majority of Indian population can read and write in Hindi. Agriculture Association of India has come up with many schemes to educate farmers by send essential tips through SMS. Farmers are ...

Send Free SMS through Internet

If you ask anyone below the age of 40 about the greatest invention of our times, then the majority of people will choose mobile phones as their answer. It has become an integral part of our life. Besides making communication easy, mobile communication has also given us a revolutionary mode of communication – Short Text Messaging ...

Why Internet SMS are Becoming Popular

It is hard to imagine, but SMS was invented as just another value added service. Most people thought that people won’t like to type their message through the tiny keys and won’t use it that much. But surprisingly, they were all totally wrong. SMS has become the most loved way of communication for our generation.   They are ...