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Advisor Help : 08750-001-001 (consultation only)

Are you thinking of establishing an SMS campaign for your business to get some market buzz? With the stable position of mobile phones in the realm of communications, it is vital to take advantage of the innovations that you can get from My SMS India. A formidable force in SMS marketing services, the company offers wide range of applications that are easy to integrate to your business while at the same time help improve your business to the local market. If you are interested in using one of our unique services and do not know the direction to take for a successful marketing strategy, you can count on us to help you with your marketing strategies.

If you are not sure as to what SMS marketing tool you should get, you can contact us and we are most willing to consult with you about the best solutions to fit to your business. My SMS India has a wealth of unique push marketing tools to fit your specific needs. Our applications are easy to use but with the many features, it is vital to understand how to best utilize these features to adapt to your needs.

You can get in touch with our advisor and inform them about your business and target audience. Based on our wide Industry experience, our advisor can guide you on which geography to target on. What package should give you the maximum results. Also based on prior campaigns they can guide you which segment can bring you the maximum ROI. For e.g if you are a book selling website, based on our response from previous campaigns, our advisor would guide you to take the Kerala and Bangalore package which has the highest response to the Books Website. He can also guide about the database size required to create the response for your business.

We also offer advice to those who wish to check how some of our services work. In our Demo page, you can check and see how our system actually runs and how you can easily integrate it to your system. This quick demo gives our prospective clients a glimpse of what to expect and utilize the program to best suit their business. At My SMS India, the goal is to maximize the work load while at the same time improving the quality of service that you can get. With our unique system, we can help you in discover the best ways to communicate to your clients through their mobile phones.

If you have any queries about our services and products, please, do not hesitate to call and email us and we will get back to you with the information you need.
Our expert advisor is available at 08750-001-001 (For sms marketing/advertising consultation only)

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