The text industry or simply, the mobile community is a massive community. Just like the internet, the mobile phone industry has become a leading force in increasing the market potential of a business, be it new or established. My SMS India has been in the business for many years already, offering a variety of options for different industries. Who are these industries? Will the services offered by My SMS India work for your business? Take a look at some of the industries and businesses that use our service and swear by the effectiveness and quality of our platforms.

Corporate and retail industries are now taking SMS marketing seriously. Apart from their standard marketing strategies to promote their products and services, now, it is possible to include SMS marketing. These companies, from startups to large scale businesses are taking advantage of SMS marketing products and other text-based tools to direct information to people who support them or are registered under them. This is very helpful in promoting unique services and promotions like coupons or other campaigns to generate more buzz and more income to the business.

E-Commerce Companies
Today when E-Commerce Companies are mushrooming across India and one way to get the public notice about various deals and offers is through SMS Marketing. Whether targeting local or All India Level, Sms Marketing to the database across the cities will help to establish Brand and also increase the footfall to the website.

Travel Agents- Hospitality Sector
Travel Agents or Hoteliers and other Hospitality sector can take advantage of SMS marketing by announcing special packages to the cities where there are maximum travelers from. For e.g. Before New Year, a Goa Hotel had announced special package and targeted the SMS marketing to cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The packages were sold like hot cakes within 3 days of marketing.

These are just some of the customers that My SMS India offers its services to. The unique diversity of products and services as well as the incredible diversity of options can work for almost all industries of any size.

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