Mobile SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Facts and Benefits

In Today's Competitive Age, How do you reach your target audience? With so many distractions how do you get assured that your Audience has received your message or offer. You always want to get connected with the user and not be forgotten or remain unnoticed. SMS Campaign can help you get connected with this audience in Real Time and straight where they are. Since Phone is always carried by the people every time.

SMS Marketing is a perfect marketing solution for both local and national retailers who would like to promote their products and/or services to their immediate and perceived public. Aside from direct advertising, SMS marketing can also be used to offer incentives as well as improve your network and boost customer loyalty. SMS marketing is a more convenient way to provide promotions like coupon codes to their network of contacts.

Some Of the Benefits are :

  • You can Create texts that engage your audience and get results
  • You Can Deliver texts at the right time so they don't get lost in the crowd
  • You Can Activate new customers to take action and create foot-traffic
  • You Can Increase sales in the short run and build value over the long haul
  • You Can Develop long term relationships with your customers to bring them back over and over

You might think that SMS Marketing, with all its potential is going to cost an arm and a leg. Not true! With SMS Mantra�s sophisticated back-end technology we can deliver results at a fraction of the cost of other media ... Talk about ROI.

The Response rate of Sms Campaign is 10 Times more effective than any other modes like direct marketing or email marketing.

My Sms India offers fast, efficient and highly reliable SMS service to the masses by offering a wide range of SMS marketing services that can adapt to the specific industry or needs of the market. Compared to other industry standards for marketing that target mainstream markets, the SMS marketing strategy goes beyond mainstream and tackles individual customers, providing marketing information through SMS, a service that is more effective to enable the clients to reach their intended markets.

My Sms India offers an intuitive system that not only benefits businesses and retail stores but also a wide range of other professions which include those in the medical profession like doctors and dentists to promote their. With My Sms India, it is possible to streamline business, offer new service to the customers and ensure high quality, on schedule and solid businesses.

My Sms India has been in the business providing SMS marketing services in India for several years already. With the continuous flourishing of the mobile industry and the steady increase of mobile phone users, it is but an important real in marketing and customer service to explore, a service that only My Sms India can provide to new and existing businesses that operate locally or nationally.

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